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    Angry Pathetic response from Support

    Manager Level: 14
    Training Level: 91 (maxed)

    For the 1st time in my Top Eleven career i have face such issue:
    After training (before cup semi 2nd leg 9:30 AM GMT 16/08/2016) i went to Physio Center to regain players health with the rests i have bought with coins.Used 31/33 health to regain. Though rests was deducted but the health was not increased. I had to spend the same amount again as CUP match was approaching. When i reported this issue to support I got following response:

    " We are sorry to hear the issue you are having. We will be sending you 100 rests, however we kindly ask you to take a screenshot before and after their usage showing the players conditioning level before and after.
    Once we have that information we will contact you back"

    That means we have to take screenshot in every steps to play this game or to raise complain a issue already occurred!!
    How is that possible!!

    Appreciate: my this post will be approved as none of them was approved earlier.

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    Did you get the greens ?
    If you get them , they asked you to use some of them.
    Probably they wanted to see if there is some problem with your team/account.
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    Hey Arifin971,

    From what I understand this is the first time you've encountered this kind of issue with the game. I would suggest that you do in fact follow the instructions/request from the support agent, no matter the issue.

    In fact this goes for every user who contacts support - If something is requested of you, you should try to help out and follow through because when it comes to technical issues with any game/service/program/etc there are always certain steps that have to be taken.

    Sometimes bugs have to be recreated in order to be analyzed so the source of the bug can be tracked down, which means that the assistance of the user may be required.

    Yes you as a user will have to do a bit more than just signal about the issue, but in doing so you will most likely help out other users who may face the same issue or even be instrumental in the fix of said issue!