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    Associations' rewards count as part of the 30 daily bags?

    I don't know if I shall post it here or here, but some days it gave me only 15 bags from videos and now I understand why.
    It happened when I got 15 bags as rewards from associations' tournaments.
    So, 15+15=30, which is the daily limit.
    Am I right??

    A bug or it was meant to be like this??
    Not a big problem... just asking.
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    Hey Alexinho,

    No the F.A. rewards are system-distributed items, not promotional/advertisement items. They are part of the mechanical design of the F.A. tournament.

    You can (and probably already did), read further details on how the offers are distributed in the [OFFICIAL] Video Offers - Availability VS Tech. issues thread.

    I'll close this thread now.

    Anyone who has questions/suspicions/comments on anything related to boosters and videos should redirect their attention to the above mentioned thread.