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Thread: Penalty Bug???

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    Penalty Bug???

    Hello guys,

    Is it even possible? The guy just assisted his own penalty. And what about the two yellow cards on the same minute? Is it possible or is it a bug?

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    The assistant of a penalty, is, who recived the foul inside the area and provoked the penalty, so in this case, An Nizar, recived the foul and scored.
    About the 2 yellows, yes, is posible that in the same minute, a long action occurs, and in same minute there's a foul with card and then, another, is like when there are 2 corners

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    Assist on a penalty or free kick can also mean An Nizar put in his own rebound - a shot flying off the post headed back in, for example.

    Just for fun video, this would make everyone ask about a bug