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    Videos error

    I was trying to do my videos as i do on a daily basis to gain some extra rests, but since yesterday after i do a couple a videos the button goes in loading mode and when i click on it it keep saying "checking for videos". I've managed to solve it yesterday with only a restart. But today i have done only 4 videos and encountered the same issue. Restarted the game a few times, cleaned the phone cache and nothing, i cannot do my videos! This is happening since the ive updated to the latest version.

    Has any1 else encountered this problem?

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    Have the same problem and when i look at a friends match the pitch turns from green to blue transparant even with my own matches on facebook

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    Same here

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    Nothing new, I love this game but sorry to say whenever they upgrade something goes wrong. I watch 30 video on & off but received 14 resources. I also having problem with graphics, I do have screenshot but I will post it later tonight. Every time I try to watch my fixtures data (game info) background colour comes white. I refresh the browser then it's shows right but it doesn't stay long; if I try to see it again it shows like this: screenshot coming

    Edit: here is the screenshot

    Videos error-no-color.png
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    What I posted for Moi and Jevees in their Update post...Same problem and everything got screwed after this last update...It's really EASY to UNDO this and make it back as it used to be...So any thoughts admins ??? Thanks
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    Same here!

    Please fix the problem.

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    Yep. Same

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    We're know of these issues, Everyone. I hope you wrote to our support team so the agents can get the technical data about the devices you use. That helps in solving the problem.

    One more thing, mind that if it was as easy as you would think it is, the issue was going to be dealt with already and/or never would have happened. Its not as easy as turning a switch. This is software. This is thousands of lines of code we're talking about here. Apologies for the inconveniences but we are actually working on these problems and will be fixing them. It just takes some time.

    P.S. Moving the thread from General to Bugs and Tech. issues forum.
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