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    Why am I not in 3rd position?

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    Why am I not in 3rd position?-screenshot_2017-05-05-13-15-10.jpg

    I'm in 5th... 9 points, +5 goal difference, same as 3rd and 4th... But my 13 goals are clearly more than 9 or 11. Not that it matters, but I've also beaten the 4th place team.

    Edit: It straightened out after the daily reset. No problem

    Why am I not in 3rd position?-screenshot_2017-05-05-20-27-22.jpg
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    Also to me same problem with my second team yesterday

    Why am I not in 3rd position?-screenshot_20170505-202627.jpg
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    I looked in to this, LeManiaque.

    Seems like the ranking couldn't update in a timely matter. Found a couple other cases like this over at the support channel and it seems that the next day everything was fine. We've filed a report for this, thank you.