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Thread: Yellow cards

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    Yellow cards

    Someone plz explain wtf is wrong with this game? I'm averaging 3 yellows cards per game, even though I'm only using normal tackling all the time. It annoys the **** out of me cuz I make like 6 fouls and get 3 or 4 yellows .....

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    Some players pick them up more often than others.
    High press can increase cards, I think.
    Some bad skills, or players out of position might too.
    I also think using arrows, whether up or down, on the wrong player, especially when matches against the wrong tactic/position/arrow/player will make for fast cards.

    Personally, sometimes I find even easy tackle is ok. If I play an opponent with lower Q, who had low avg goals made per game, they are not much threat and I can tackle easy. Sometimes if opponent is playing high, lots of passing, I also play easy tackle, make lots of tackles, so each one has less chance of penalty. Using medium or hard against a offensive heavy side playing in my half, I would give up too many penalties even focused on defense.

    *This is all one reason to try using tactics only for part of a period. In real life, we see every team slow the ball down sometimes, or have to press up the field. But often they start one way and can change for the game circumstance. Remember you only need to win by 1...
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