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Thread: Discipline and Fair Play - Penalties

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    Discipline and Fair Play - Penalties

    We have seen lately some straight bans for "auto-supporting" a own team with a 2nd account.

    This game, has increased its player base by promoting the multiaccounting in some sense, and as a old player and looking the actual situation I really miss a clear "rules book".

    I think that, VPN, and emulators as we know, are forbidden for clear reasons as the video providers have money involved in the ads we see, but, the game have it's own lack of features and clear limits for example, the main team that many use for assos' can stay tanking during the season but interfering in the League.

    I'm gonna suggest the creation of a "clear rules book", and add a "reporting button" in each team which can involve a sanction for:
    -The main team (I remember when some Italian teams where relegated or had -12 or -30 points in league coz the mafia xD)
    -Discount points in the associations for tanking + disturbing the main comp
    -If it's really a big issue the multi accounting and "auto-support" then give a infraction like sack the team from CL or discount points give a straight 0-3 by default in play-offs.

    We need to have clear rulez. We need to have a competition with fair play, and responsibility.
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    This it's a good idea. And something else, why you don't block association, how was the last 2 tournament, will be more fun , and the people can not manipulate , if one person quite the game it's still block in association , so other association have a chance to win, what I try to say to let free from day 1 at day 5, from Sunday-thursday, then association should be block, and something else what its not fair, some people after last tournament kick members and put inside other account for tokens

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    in an ideal world i agree khris, but hold on lol, nordeus don't even fix simple bugs so i doubt they will take on your idea it's all about making FFFFing $$$$
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