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    nvm, got explanation, by the rules but it isnt fair, we are quilty of facing way stronger asso than we are.
    So 2 asso started season in gold 1, one get lucky draws and get promoted other has stronger oponents and short for dozen points and relegate, first get 100 tokens other one 0, totaly fair

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    Thumbs up No tokens but won the bond

    I didnt recieve any tokens but our bond won the game.
    Some of the players did got there 30 tokens but some of them didnt.
    Are there any new rules for this to get the tokens?
    Because one of them end in the top 8 and also didnt recieve any tokens.

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    There was a problem but it was fixed.
    Check again
    * only if promote, you get the tokens.
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    I do not have my 50 tkoens from association. I was on 5place on league And my association Has remained on the gold division 1. What's happend.

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