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Thread: Trolls

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    When the engine decides you will lose, you lose. When it decides you will win, you win. Managers have very little impact in reality.
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    Troll or not? I think yes.
    Yesterday and today in league two similar games against weaker team, of course, managers were absent. At the beginning of the matche I followed from another account.
    First half 2-0 for me in the two games.
    Second half, opponents scored one gol, so I decided to enter in game also to make a sub.
    And then,,,yesterday match 3-3
    Today match 2-2, I have ordered a sub and system didn't do it.
    So, what I have to think?
    It's really better to not enter in live match?
    I think Nordeus should protect manager that waste their time to train and improve the team and try to follow the matches, instead it seems that happens the contrary.
    It's very very boring.
    Instead to introduce some stupid things or event, Nordeus must FIX this troll matches.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Max McClean View Post
    Here is my worst three out of my 21 seasons playing the game. I will put my 3rd ever CL Final in here. And my 2 crucial league matches I lost to the eventual winners who was 21% weaker than me GRRRR. Also the game I lost to the crap league leader who was 20% weaker than me. I had double the shots against him and I had about 4 shots hit over the bar on one one situations. My CL Final was Played vs a much weaker 85% team vs my 95%. I had 19 shots to 16 on that game and I lost 3-0. The assistant manager gave me some stupid comment. “Our Rivals took their chances.

    When I lost that Champions League Final, I tore into the support team. I was furious. They came back saying “you can’t always win the game being the favourite. Remember, Porto got to the final and won it in 2004. I told them that it is ok to lose 1 Final and be the favourites but you should win the other ones. And I told them I lost all three, all of them having me being the heavy favourite. I hate player weaker teams in finals because I feel I will lose all the time. Yeah I wouldn’t have minded too much if I lost 1 Final out of the three I played in and won the other 2, Because then you would have won 2 fair and square.

    And after I told them I lost all three being the favourite they told me to calm down.

    I will let this thread know when I win a CL. I would have been fine finishing second in the league that season, if I won the Champions League and Won the Super Cup.

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    I said I will let this thread know when I win a CL, I did it last season, wining he final 4-1 vs a 23% weaker team.

    I Played 51 Won 47 Drew 2 Lost 2 last season. I won the cups treble and missing out on the league by three points but I won everything else.

    I only got one pathetic troll result. 98% vs 83%= 1-1 draw.

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    Top Eleven Record after 23 seasons from 3 different Clubs.

    12x League Champion (10x Runner Up)
    2x Champions League Champion (3x Runner Up) 13-0-0 CL’s (1x)
    2x Super League Champion
    6x Cup Champion (3x Runner Up) 11-0-0 Cups (1x)
    2x Super Cup Champion

    Played 946 Won 805 Drew 66 Lost 75. Scored: 3197 Conceded: 506.

    Longest Winning Streak: 44 Longest Unbeaten Streak: 57

    Played the game from March 3rd 2017-February 2nd 2020

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