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Thread: Ads loading issue for packs

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    Ads loading issue for packs

    Unsure if that is my own issue or not, but the ads have not been loading properly at all for several days at least since the previous update before last.

    The issue is ads would not be loaded at all unless a WiFi connection is used, even when my phone network is on a very strong unlimited data 4G network which loads movies smoothly. Then even when WiFi is used, every single ad loading will require the game app to be closed and then re-opened again, and sometimes it could take 2 closes to load 1 ad.

    It means watching the 25+15 ads is a minimum 30-minute effort with some 50+ times of ‘opening app, loading ad, closing app’.

    Is it really how Nordeus wants to drive all active players away? No other games would ever do that to their players....
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    Just watched all 25 + 15 and it was ok for me on 4G. I do get it done faster on WiFi but that has always been the case even for other games I play.

    Will try the next couple of days to see if I face similar issues. It might be ads specific to your country that create problems. I have had some ads that crash the app and I flagged it as irrelevant which solved the problem.

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    I've noticed the adds loading and then comming up blanck...

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    In an older mobile I have, some advs are playing very slowly (like those with the couple which is trying to escape or the poker).
    I have to log out and in again, so to find something more smooth like the Facebook advs which are playing normally.

    In my other mobile (newer), all the advs are playing ok.
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    I havent had any for 4 days and you are going to ruin my season.
    The issue always comes about once or twice a year, it is definitely the game's problem, not down to my isp