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Thread: Home Game Times

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    Home Game Times


    I am posting this for my dad who is also playing. All of his home league games are at about 1am in the morning. How is this fair? He works a normal 8am - 6pm job so he cant be online to watch his home games.

    I'm lucky all of mine are about 7 - 9pm. we live in the same city, so timezone shouldnt be an issue.

    Can this be changed? I can understand the away games should suit the other player, but the home games should suit home player.

    Thanks for reading.

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    On the "fixtures" page, look for the clock between the teams (only appears for home matches). If you click this, you should get a drop down of times. You should be able to alter the kick-off times to suit you. It does cost 2 tokens per game though.

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    So he should spend 26 tokens changing his home games? they should schedule properly, my c/l games are 2 hours after my league games, why don't they put my league games in the morning or afternoon? would be better!
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    Was about to ask why he should be forced to pay 26 tokens to move all of his home games. There should be an option to nominate what times suit the home team for the season..

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    This is an argument that could go on forever lol, 1am maybe bad for your Dad and 10:30pm times maybe bad for people who work nights or kids that are in bed by 9pm, 11am might be good for stay at home parents but not for kids that are at school or people at work...... unfortunately there is no universally good time

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    true that times dont always suit everyone, but I think an option can be made to pick a genral time for your home games at the start of the season. There is a couple of days window to input your prefered time.
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    I'm having this same issue for the 3rd season in a row now.
    My first season, all my League home games where around 5-7pm which is suitable for me.
    But from the 2nd season onwards they've ALL been in the morning 2-3hrs before I get up.

    I think they dont fix this because its a good token earner for them, why change something that makes them money huh
    There really should be a way to select your time slot preference for Lge home games, and that way they build up a league with people of the same "time zone"
    Not latitude time zone but times people can make the game

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    i think the servers are mostly set to play on serbias time. for example most of my games (+7) are between 1-4 AM, that should be around 7-10 PM serbia time (+1). there are some games at 9-11 PM and thats late afternoonish their time
    i just run amuck and change home game times for the LOLs
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    I also support allowing users to select a preferred time frame for their home games.

    BTW, my home game time was quite reasonable and convenient to me in my first season. As I remember, it was 22:00 - 0030. Then the time would shift for a few minutes later in the following day. Now almost all of the games were started in the midnight now (Well, I understand that this may be good time for users in other time zone. Probably, most of my opponents in season 1 were computers.