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Thread: Special Sponsor - Stage 8 1st Special Ability messed up

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    Special Sponsor - Stage 8 1st Special Ability messed up

    I was going to added dribbling to a specific midfielder as 1st SA, when I got the option to add the screen said I can only add a 2nd Special Ability but just threw up a random selection of 7 first team players and lots of subs and reserves.

    None of the players on screen had a 1st SA, most aren't going to be regulars in the squad. In the end I chose the goalie for 1 on 1 stopping but was given no choice and he was given penalty stopping which, tbh, I'd never contemplate before 1 on 1 stopping.

    That and the travesty which is the 'reward' (yeah right) for completing all 10 stages has made a mockery of this exercise.
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    Only players with no special ability can be chosen. The ability will be randomly selected. There is some suggestion of a selection screen, but there actually is no such thing.

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    If you click on the info button on the special ability reward, you will see that it can only be used for players with no special ability. In fact, second special ability should be right below, in the “premium” rewards.

    The ability selected being random is a trick of Nordeus I think. Nowhere it’s stated that the ability will be random (unlike, for example on fire reward being applied to random players is clearly written). In the previous event, I fell for the same idea and now I have a DC with corner ability.