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Thread: Reporting Community Items Scammers Link and Latest known scammer alerts

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    Reporting Community Items Scammers Link and Latest known scammer alerts

    LINK TO LIST A SCAMMER IN THE UNIFIED LIST -Please report him to the Support first, and share a post in any of the Top Eleven Communities before fill this form, as you need the "Community post link" to verify

    (!) Please not that this link pretends to unify the list of known scammers to have a quick and accessible place where to be aware of them in the communities.

    It is responsibility of the affected managers by a Scammer to contact the Top Eleven support directly using the Form and report the situation.

    This thread is related to "items exchange scams" mainly. Remember that if a manager, agrees a deal to exchange items and once you send the item first, he block you to avoid honoring the deal, this can be reported and turns into a straight ban.

    Nordeus takes these abuses seriously and any attempt of taking profit of any Top Eleven manager by cheating will end with the contractual agreement between the scammer in particular, and Nordeus, meaning this that the account will be disabled permanently.

    Remember that we have a Ministry of Defence that is part of the OUT Game Government of Top Eleven administrated by Managers inside the Facebook communities, if:
    You prefeer, you can go to that space to do the agreements when trying to exchange items.

    If you want to try a "multi-exchange agreement" involving more than 2 parts -aka managers- please try to explain the more precisely and accurately, who is involved in the deal, and which Items, are agreed to exchange by all the involved managers/dealers.
    Take capture of the agreement for further actions if needed.

    "By protocole, in a trading deal, the club with lower level should always be the first to send a item."


    Please add only "Items Scammers", don't add other reportable cases, even if those broke the rules like:
    -Items selling in exchange of money -absolutely forbbiden-
    -Accounts selling
    -Auto-support with multiaccounts to have +2% Bonus Possesion
    -Reportable Team/FAs/Players Names
    -Exploiters, any kind, using tools etc

    or any other kind of abuse, these needs to be reported directly to Nordeus using the Support Link Form

    Ministry of Defence - Official Managers Association Top Eleven Out Game Government

    Reporting Community Items Scammers Link and Latest known scammer alerts-96129004_101220384925955_2073084476446998528_n.jpg
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    i have ask. example i am 50 opponent are 60lvl.
    i am send first but if he are not send.
    i am report him.
    result : can i get my item(sended item) again?

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