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Thread: Lag on web again

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    Lag on web again

    I don't know why this post: got closed like it is solved. I just started playing on mobile since this bug because I have no lag, but for real, this keeps happening. Even at the last pages of the thread people were having the issue.
    So, I know it isn't anything like cookies or similar because it happens every time, on every browser. It can't be a thing from cookies if I have a recent installed browser, with almost 0 use, no account, etc...
    Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Brave gets 80% CPU only with top eleven. Not even with 5 streams open and downloads I get that CPU usage.

    As I said, I didn't post anything because I moved to android top eleven, but if I want to play on browser, is literally impossible. If someone has had the same poblem even after the patch, could help me? Thanks!

    P.S: English isn't my native language, sorry If I sound strange/rude.

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    Just try again with clearing cache and cookies, really bad lag on web chrome.. AGAIN AND AGAIN??

    Saying AGAIN: Please do not update game without testing..