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    I've had a problem in the game and I'm a little unmotivated.
    I would like to clarify that this game is proving to be wonderful for me and that I have been playing it for more than half a year now and I have no intention of quitting.
    I have dedicated many times to it and I really find it great and very advisable and recommendable.
    Nevertheless, last season and this one, they gave me a blow that has discouraged me and, even, it invites me to consider if to continue playing.
    One plays any game, but especially this one, to win.
    To win and to win.
    And for that, if you work well and seriously, nothing is fact I have always won at least one title in these 8 months.
    The problem is that this year I'm not going to win anything and it's not because I haven't worked or trained my players's because they haven't improved.
    I wrote without result to the support and they told me that it was normal but... the players of 18 years are those that but they improve, and then those of 19... and then those of 20... and the but bigger less they improve. But last year I promoted 4 youth players, 3 of them having improved in academy over 100%, and that year they didn't improve at all (only the improvements I provided them by achieving success with the special sponsor).
    That year I didn't say anything because I thought it would be a mistake but those players for this new year were almost lost...and it turns out that in this second year they have improved but...not so much that in a year I will be functional in my, in short, I will lose them two years from now.
    My problem is that this year, for the second time, my newly promoted players (18 years old) have not improved more than what I have provided them with the improvements of the special sponsor.... so if next year they improve as they did last year, they could be good in one year but not in two...
    They tell me that they see no problem in the way my players evolve but I do not understand that last year's players have improved between 15 and 20% this year and that this year the new ones and last year's have not even improved 1%.
    I think that there must be some mistake in the game and I would like my situation to be reviewed, to know if this situation has happened in other cases for other players, and if it can be solved.
    I proposed 3 possible solutions:
    1- Send me the following year as always, promoting, but not withdrawing 20%. That would make my players not look in detriment size with respect to what normally should have happened that is that the newly promoted youths improve.
    2 - that they added me a coherent percentage of improvement of the juvenile ones of this year that have not improved anything in spite of being unquestionable holders and in spite of training every day 4 or more times... and also to those of the last year that this year if they improved but that last year they did not improve anything of anything... (striker who starts with 101% and ends with 101%... and they give it to me the following year with 81% and now it is at 95%... it is a 14% improvement for now... and so on with the others.
    3- that nothing changes and I...honestly, in order not to be able to compete, think about quitting the game.

    I need your help with this because I want to keep competing

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    Hi and welcome to the forum,
    Later I try to share my viewpoints .