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    Stuck on ad search since 3 days ago

    Need some help please.
    Since 3 days ago, when I'm tryna to watch a video to get special training, it stuck on loading video and do not find any ads..
    It was always take between 10 to 20 seconds to find, but I was left the app open for 30 minutes and it does not work for me. How can i solve it?
    Before, when there was no video at all it was wrote on the screen that there is no available ad, but now it searching and searching with un-ending loop.
    my WiFi is very strong but also tried with another internet connection.
    please help me guys! really need it.
    Stuck on ad search since 3 days ago-137540026_4435937739755430_6055030904314152982_o.jpg
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    Hi Manager, sorry to see that. Does the issue persist when you change your Internet connection source? If yes, please get in touch with our support team via the "?" section in-game and forward the report. They can look into it further. Thanks!