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Thread: Survey: Who do you support in real life?

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    Apr 2014
    Ayrshire, Scotland
    Kilwinning Rangers. However, as they are a Junior Club, from the seniors it would be Glasgow (lend us a tenner) Rangers.
    Kilwinning Rangers aka the Buffs are my hometown team.
    Happiest time with my club is winning the Ayrshire League, Scottish Cup, West of Scotland Cup (The Treble) and 3 other county trophies in our Centenary Year.

    Steady the Buffs!

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    Apr 2014
    Where are you from? Salisbury, Wiltshire, England (near Stonehenge!)
    Your national team? England
    Club of your heart? Southampton FC
    Why? When I was in hospital, 11 months old to have surgery for craniosynostosis, around Christmas time, the players came round and they gave me a Father Christmas hat!
    What was the happiest time with your club? When Nigel Adkins managed to bring us back up from League 1, through the Championship to the Premier League
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    FC Bristbury
    Season 5, Level 5
    League Winners Levels: 1, 2, 3 & 4
    Champions League Winners Levels 2 & 3
    Double X 2 (League and Champions League), Levels: 2 & 3

    Murray to win Wimbledon!

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    May 2014
    Sweden - Paradise
    Where are you from - Västervik / Sweden
    Your national team - Sweden
    Club of your heart - Tottenham Hotspurs
    Why? - Because they always sucked, and in Sweden they are called "team number 10" Since they always end 10th. I was like 6 years old and felt sorry for them. So I started to watch their games, and got hooked.
    What was the happiest time with your club? - When we got rid of David Ginola.
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    Club: For My Stephanie
    League Champions (Season 5 - Level 5.)
    League Champions (Season 4 - Level 4.)
    Double = League & CL Champions (Season 3 - Level 3.)
    Double = League & CL Champions (Season 2 - Level 2.)
    League Champions (Season 1 - Level 1.)
    SERVER : 86 <--- My Team's Showcase.

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    May 2014
    i'm indonesian
    i think fcb have a good formation, slowly but sure. although the last atletico has stoped fcb huh
    hmm too much heheh

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    Jun 2014
    i dont like to watch club football, but i love to watch national games, so my faviorite team is brazil, i will support this team,,,,

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    Jun 2014
    Where are you from - Landau i.d. Pfalz / Germany
    Your national team - Germany
    Club of your heart - 1. FC Kaiserslautern
    Why? -If you have a look in the first german league, you won´t find my team. We´re playing at the moment unfortunatelly in the second league. The glossy times we had in the 1990er with a undisputed record: climb-out in the first league and directly getting the title! I played 3 years in this team, too.
    What was the happiest time with your club? - When I played there too and be a part of the team!
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    Apr 2014
    Where you from - South Africa
    Your national team - RSA or Belgium
    Club of your heart - RED DEVILS!
    Why? - Never come across a more determined team and thats what caught my eye!
    What was the happiest time with your club? - CL final against Chelsea!!
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    Jun 2014
    • Where are you from: Lithuania, capital city Vilnius
    • Your national team: eh, I guess Lithuania
    • Club of your heart: Tottenham Hotspur FC
    • Why? Because In a world full of Uniteds, Citys and Rovers there's only one Hotspur.
    • The happiest time with your club: Comeback 2-3 after 2-0 down at halftime vs Arsenal at the Emirates in late autumn of 2010

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    Not so many achievements:

    Season(lvl) League Champions l. Cup
    1(1) 1st - Prel.
    2(2) 1st 3rd Top 16
    3(3) 1st Top 16 Playoffs
    4(4) tbc. tbc. Playoffs
    Team's showcase: The PaceWhores (Lithuanian team)

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    Jun 2014
    Where are you from? Germany
    Your national team? Germany
    Club of your heart?
    FC Schalke 04
    I was born in a town next to Gelsenkirchen, where Schalke comes from, and so there are no questions why it's my club
    What was the happiest time with your club? I think 2011 when we beat Internazionale Milano in Champions League and won the DFB-Cup.
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    Where are you from:Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
    Your national team:England
    Club of your heart:Sheffield United
    Why?:Went as a very young boy with my uncle and they have had my heart ever since!
    What was the happiest time with your club?Promotion to the Premier League under Neil Warnock
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