sc Heerenveen

Why this topic?
Some members have already made a few topics about some big European clubs, but we don't have topics about the Dutch clubs. So here a topic for one of the most beatiful clubs we have here: sc Heerenveen

sc Heerenveen is founded in 1920, so in a few years we'll celebrate our 100th anniversary.


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Name: Abe Lenstra Stadion
Capacity: 26 100

Did we win some thropies?
Yes, we did. In 2009 we won the 'KNVB-Beker' (Dutch National Cup). We didn't win other tropies, but we've been runner-up in the 'Eredivisie' in the season 1999-2000. We've also been runner-up in the KNVB-Beker twice (1993 and 1997). We've also lost the final of the Dutch Super Cup in 2009.

International competitions
We've played once in the UEFA Champions League. We didn't survive the Group stage, we ended in 4th place. We've played UEFA Cup or UEFA Europa League for many years. Our best result was the third round (after the group stage).

Our squad

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Our manager is Dwight Lodeweges.

Great players
We've had some great players (and managers) in the past and ofcourse we do have some great talents now.

Netherland - SC Heerenveen-aaaa.jpg

Some facts
- We're one of the youngest teams in Europe (4 teams are 'younger' than we are) (Source:
- Every homematch we play the Frisian national anthem before the match start.
- Our biggest rivals are SC Cambuur and FC Groningen.
- We are in 17th place in the Trainings Clubs of Europe. (We've 40 old youth players, who now play anywhere else in Europe) (Source:

​Greatest moments

A small impresion of ''the derby" in 2013