I'm a relatively newer fan and am trying to get a sense of the relative strength or quality of leagues around the world. I think it's understood that the best leagues in some order are the Big 5 European leagues (England, Spain, Germany, Italy, and France) but I'm interested in what the consensus is after that?

The UEFA coefficient rankings has the top flights of Russia, Portugal, Ukraine, Belgium, and Turkey as the next five highest rated. Does this seem accurate? Is there a big dropoff from the quality of team or player in the Russian Premiere League vs the Dutch Eredevisie? How high up the chart would the English Championship be?

And what I'm really interested in is how you think the top domestic leagues in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, USA, and China compare to the next tier of European leagues. Like, is the "average" player in the Argentine Superliga comparable to a player in the Portuguese Primeira Liga or English Championship? How far down the list is the MLS really?

While watching the latest international friendlies, I found myself trying to get a sense of the strength of a team by what leagues it's players were a part of. And I do realize this is highly highly subjective and there's more factors involved than I can even list, but I think it's fun to consider.