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Thread: CL Game - 1/4 Final - VS Stronger 4-3-3

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    CL Game - 1/4 Final - VS Stronger 4-3-3

    Hello there!

    Like I did with last round I will post my experience playing this round...

    I'm playing against a stronger rated team (24 me vs 27 him)
    He plays 4-3-3 and I already had to play last round against a team with same formation but that was about my level! (only 0,5 star above me) and I won after 1-1 home game and 1-2 away game.

    I used narrow diamond and had good results but I'm not sure about tactics against a higher rated team like this one...
    I was thinking Mixed Passing - full pitch - Hard tackling - Center attack and see how things go in the first half...
    Probably will have to change to Own Half and Normal Tackling for second part to avoid red cards or very tired players!

    What you suggest?

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    Just say good luck buddy

    Congratulation Arsenal!!
    Hope these thread could help you, Formation-Tactic and GUIDE

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    He he thanks but It was too much for me!
    Lost 0-4 :'(

    His players were all 5* and just 3 were 4* (DL, MC and one ST)

    I was playing 4-1(down)-2-1-2 but my 5 defenders were not enough for his 3 strikers!
    I played full pitch - mixed passing - hard tackling for 1st half and was loosing 0-2 already.

    I changed formation for 2nd half to attack and removed my DMC added an extra midfielder but other team managed to score another 2 goals...

    CL is over for this team but at least I would try to have a good result in away game.

    Should I play 5-4-1 since this team is clearly better than mine?
    I also suspect he was playing counter-attack and I don't know how to "stop" that?

    BTW, my other team managed to win 3-1 in CL 1/4 final against a 4-4-2.
    Played narrow diamond and was 1-0 but then other team scored so around 15' into second half game was 1-1.
    I changed to attacking and long passes and managed to score 2 extra goals.

    Maybe I should play long ball and counter with narrow diamond? I had good results