Hello guys

Need your opinion in the following

I am reading July Fourth's (great topics man) topics about counters and which formation is the best.

So from what i have read i believe that 4-5-1 V Style ( 4-1DMC-2MC-2AML/AMR-1) is the most difficult formation to counter. But i really like to play with 2 Strikers.

So here is my question. Will 3-5-2 V Style (3N-1DMC-2MC-2AML/AMR-2) have the same results as 4-5-1 V Style ( 4-1DMC-2MC-2AML/AMR-1) ??? If yes , would be better to choose 3N (DC - DC - DC) at the back or 3W (DL - DC - DR) ???

Usually with 3-5-2 V Style that i prefer i use Attacking mentality , with mixed passing (depending the opponent) , own half pressing , Normal tackling , Mixed passing (sometimes short , when i can not beat the opponents defence ) and Zonal marking. No counterattacks , no Offside trap. When i change in-play the mentality to hard attacking , then i go for counterattacks and offside trap.
Need your suggestions on orders though.

What about arrows??
I use red arrows at AML and AMR and DMC when i use 3N at defence and also red arrows at DL and DC when i use 3W at the back.

And one more question , so i do not have to open a new thread.

What about a player on wrong position.

Would a striker at 30 quality be better from an AML at 25 quality at AML position??? so does player's role is so important that can beat the 5 quality difference or more?? What is your opinion??

Thanks in advance guys !!

PS if you need any info about my players i can post a picture so just ask for that !!