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Thread: 4-3-3 is worst this season?? :/

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    4-3-3 is worst this season?? :/

    well, I won league, champions, and was second in the cup with this formation... I play 8 seasons with it... because I like to have lots of players in different positions so, 4 defenses, 3 mc, 3 st is something I like.
    at now I have 6 players of 6 stars in my team, and I loose against the other 2 favourites in league, I draw against a team of 3 stars (think that some of my players have speed-resistance- of 8 stars...-.-'' ) and in the cup, agaist a team with players of 5 stars I loose 3-0.
    This of cup, he play with a 4-5-1


    and I the 4-3-3, tipical...

    ??? his forever alone ST passes everytime for the centre of the defense, (yeahh there is a super hole, with 2 DC of near 7 stars drinking coffee at some miles away) ...where is no DC, and did 2 goals.. and anothe of foul without specialist... and my specialist of fouls have the speciality to fail all what he shoots.....¬¬'

    I was triyng to put a 3-5-2 but don't have 2 MR-ML and will be in illegal formation, so.....

    -1st question, what can I do to win this guy? time ago I loose 3-0 in the 1/4 of champions and won the second match for 4-0, so I think I can... draw, and win on penalties ...

    Think that I put the match at 4:30 of the night and that I will change the hour of match again to be only I playing....... ....(^-^)'' (I'm bad yeah)

    -and 2nd question, if I put a ST and a DR-DL as a MR and ML to change the 4-3-3- to a 3-5-2, is it legal???

    it seems sometimes that the important in this game is the formation, not the level...
    I have seen matches of friends with 12 changes of formation during the game, because they have the guide... and.. is that..
    -U have 4-2-2, ok, I cahnge to a better tactic.
    -ohh u change, ok now I wont 4-2-2.
    -ohh (surprise) u changed the 4-2-2 to win me, ok, I change.
    -(and continue this 21 times more...)
    Somebody have the same problem with the 4-3-3?
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    This season I am playing 4-3-3 It is not working at all, struggling against weaker teams,
    When you put DL as ML it is not illegal and won`t effect on possession but player going to make more fouls and will get low rating, Remember to not put a player out of his position in defense because it is high chances of penalty and red card for player.
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    (-_-)' my tactic ever was based in the quality of the players.... and 4-3-3 attacking mentality... and training first speed-resistance-streight and all this, to have, for example, this season, players with 65 of defense 65 attacking, and 85 of phisical/mental..... and I had very good results doing that, 5 leagues, 3 finals of cup, and 2 of champions in 8 seasons....
    at now I am thinking in what to do......-.-''''

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    Try Hexagon.

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    use 4-5-1v style it will help

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    Quote Originally Posted by omid_2381 View Post
    use 4-5-1v style it will help
    False. Do not use 4-5-1v because 4-3N-3 counters the 4-5-1v

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    use 4-4-2 classic

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