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Thread: Are 4/5* youth players worth the 18+ tokens?

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    Are 4/5* youth players worth the 18+ tokens?


    From my experience, 4/5* youth players that come from the youth academy costing 18+ tokens are not worth it. Surely you can buy a similar player (4/5* and 18 yrs old) from the transfer market for far less tokens? I understand that you will have to pay for buying the player from the transfer market vs free player from the youth academy. I think it is easier to earn more money than tokens (for non token buyer). I usually release the higher token youth player and sign the free one for no tokens. Thereafter, I would sell the free token youth player and get 7+mil and use the proceeds in funding a player from the transfer market.

    Am i just unlucky with 4/5* youth players? What was your experience?


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    I regret not signing my first token youth and if I need the position even remotely buy them since. They have been good, fast trainers.
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    Today I was waiting for 1 good player of the academy... and I recive a 2 stars MR, and 3 stars AMC, well is 54quality so is near 4 stars... but the problem is that I don't use this positions....-.-*

    in my case, I sell every season the player of 2 stars for $$$$$$$
    and.. the better young that I had, is a DC that wins 170 with the 30% training hard, and 110 with the training 20%... but if I remember well, this player costs 24 token, no 18...
    and thinking now I had a DR, ... really I have to say that I had good luck with they, usually do a good work, and trains very fast... perfectly, if I waste all the 100% condition and the 4 free green boosters of everyday...can have 8-10 training points easy per day... so, players "made in home" works very well for the boss, in my case... cos I am a very serious boss and they know it^^ (^-^)
    about to see players like this in the market, yeah, posible... you say that, you sell the free young player, no? so, be sure, that other teams that have 3-4 levels more than you, do the same with his 2 young star players... and they see 2 stars but you see 5.

    So, yeah, of course, you can have the same of your academy, with 5 stars, and 8 stars at the end of next season if you have one.
    the problem is now.... that you don't wanna waste tokens, and these players, are who everybody is looking for... and you can be like me... in the market... paying. 32, 33, 34, 35 tokens... and when you put next token, the other player do the same... click-click, click-click... (-_-)''''''' 42,43,50... or 70 tokens will cost if you and the other guy don't stop.... I had this situation.. and thats why every season I pay 150 tokens for 3 players of 6 stars xDDD
    And that's my experience (^.^)'

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    I am level 5 player & to sell a youth it costs me 25T to offer contract. I then have to sell the player for more than 7m to make it worth while. So I only sign youths if I want them at the moment, as I progress maybe it will be different.
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    guess it is a case by case basis. I signed 2 18+ token youth players a few season and they still feature in my squad. Was not sure what was other managers experience and if there was a better/cheaper option. I would recommend that managers (who don't by tokens) keep at least 24 tokens balance if they want to sign the 4/5* youth players that comes through their youth academy.

    Thanks for you comments.
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    The youth academy offered me a striker for 21T. I've signed him and now he is one of the best players in my team, he always has a form of 7 - 9 and scores tons of goals. Great! He is also worth 7.8M.
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