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Thread: Show me how to win please

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    Show me how to win please

    Let me start by saying I have, on ratings, the best team in the league. As you can see I'm 10th in my league whilst the teams above me ALL have lower ratings.

    I do not really tinker around with my formation, see the 3 images. You can also see the orders I use, that rarely changes. All my players have full morale and fitness, are played in the correct positions and get over a million pound per game if they win.

    I do not buy tokens and I watch every match. I generally have less possession and less shots than the other teams I play.

    Is there anyone who can explain this or is it just a case of giving up as Nordeus will not let me win.

    Show me how to win please-orders.jpgShow me how to win please-team-1.jpgShow me how to win please-team-2.jpgShow me how to win please-team-3.jpg

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    why you use too many arrows .. just put blue arrow on DMC and ... and the most important thing your opponent formation ...

    Orders : attacking , own half , normal tackling , both flanks , zonal , and the counter attack or offside trap depend if the opponent put AMC or not ...

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    1) Attacking mentality - this will make you vulnerable to opponent counterattack.
    2) Pressing on whole pitch. Don't do it anymore, your players will have their strength weaken in no time and beside that, see point 1).
    3) No offside trap. See point 1).
    4) No way man-to-man! Go zonal, always. Just an example. If you are playing 4-1-2-1-2ND and your opponent plays butterfly or whatever, how can you go man-to-man? Always go zonal!
    5) Why so many arrows? It's useless to put blue arrows on defenders and red arrows on forwards. Try without any arrows, trust me. I am always, absolutely always, playing without arrows.
    6) You are using the same formation. 3 DC's will make you vulnerable, again!, on flanks. Have a look, watch your opponent formation, how does he play, and use one tactic to counter him. You will find everything you need in here:

    Try everything what i've said for one game and let me know. Be sure you use a tactic to counter your opponent's one.
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