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Thread: Keep loosing against the same person

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    Keep loosing against the same person

    Please can any one help ,i have played this team MANY times in cup & cl and always get smashed.yes they have a much better team & higher level but their must be something i can do.Can any one suggest a formation and tactics because none of mine have worked. there team is :

    dc dc dc
    mc mc
    aml amc amr

    i have good players in all positions most with abilities (i always have max morale. energy & bonus)

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    well if his team have more quality nd works like u say is complicated. In my case, when I am the better, or play with the 4-3-3 or for this case (3-1-2-3-1) can use a diamond, cos 80% times when I am better, put a player in the same position where he have one, give me a +.

    But u say that he have a much better team, I would like to know how big is this "much", that first....
    and second, u have to think, in how to make dissapear all this 5 MC + AMC that are the real danger, for me... to start, If you win, will be having a very good defense (I think...ehh, maybe u put 3 df... and with a 3-5-2 u win^^)
    so, for sure, the victory will be with4 defenders and the 2 DC with blue arrow. 4-3MC-1AMC-2ST? can be an option. Or inclusive a 5-3-2, but defenders have to do a great work... and ST be effective... and red arrows in the DR-DL works for me...
    but tell us the Quality, man^^

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    thanx khris for some fresh ideas. theirs is 140 my team is 134 rated
    5 129 rated
    4 133 rated
    3 134 rated
    9 135-139 rated
    playing on 30/10
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