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Thread: WHAT the f***k happend???

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    WHAT the f***k happend???

    I was playing home against a team which was a little weaker than me on every position (just a little). He was playing 5-2-1-2 (DR,DC,DC,DC,DL-MC,MC-AMC,ST,ST).

    I started with DC,DC,DC,-DML(fwrd arrow), DMC - MC,MC-AML,AMC,ST. Normal mentality, Focus passing left, press own side of pitch, short passing, zonal. My idea was to outnumber him on the midfield to get an advantage in ball possession, attack on the left flank and that my three DCs and DMC would effectively stops his attacks.

    It totally backfired. I was down 80-20 in ball possession. 1-7 in shots on goal after first half.

    In second half I substituted my DML to a MC and my AML to a ST and changed my passing focus to central and mixed. No improvement. I still lost ball possession with 20-80 and I did not have a single shot on goal. I lost the game with 3-0.

    What the f**k happend. I do not get it at all when it comes to formations and I have tried to learn a little here on the forum.

    Please explain what happend in my game.

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    ur team had no right winger so it was illegal .. thats why u got no possesion .. if ur team is illegal ur possesion always drop to 20%

    u always have to play with 1 GK, 3 defenders, 3 midfielders, 1 attacker, and 1-2 players on each wing (no more )- u didnt have a right wing

    this is passed from the topic about illegal settings, what palyers u need to have a legal team :

    Goalkeeper (Must be player's natural position i.e. a GK)
    Some combination of at least 3 defenders (i.e. 3 players anywhere in the back row [DL, DC, DR] )
    At least 1, but no more than 2, players on EACH outside flank. {the DL/DR, DML/DMR, ML/MR, AML/AMR slots}
    at least 3 midfielders (DM*, M*, AM*) at least one of which has to be an DMC or MC
    At least 4 players on the opponent's side of the pitch.
    at least 1 Striker
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    Thanks a lot. That explains it