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Thread: Arrows and how to use them

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    Question Arrows and how to use them

    Hey, I have been playing this game for a while but I just can't understand how to use the arrows.
    Someone wrote that the red arrows means that the player will be in this position (where the arrows point to) when attacking and blue arrows is where the player will play where defending.

    My questions are:
    1. How really the arrows work?
    2. When should I use them?
    3. Who here uses them usually and why?

    Thanks, Eli.

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    ASK the DEVS!!!

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    use ur imagination since Nords dont bother ...
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    I do use the arrows, most often a blue on DMC and red on MCs. I don't notice the blue in the commentary, but the guys with red arrows do seem to attack more, and get more tired.
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    Guys, if you vote at the poll, please, tell us why you chose a certain answer.
    How do you know what arrows to put and on what players?

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    I use them all the time. Every game.

    There's no rhyme or reason for player fatigue as far as I can tell - those with arrows don't tire any more or less than those without.

    Red arrows ... don't really seem to do anything at all. I often use them on my wingers when I move them back to midfield (in other words, when I use ML/MR instead of AML/AMR). I'll sometimes use them on my AML/AMR. Sometimes I use them on my MCs when I want to pressure the opponents defenders. A far as i can tell, red arrows don't actually do anything.

    Blue arrows - I use them on my outside defenders ( I play 3 narrow in the back). This seems to be effective against wingers. Gives me all the advantages of 4 defenders without a gap in the middle. i also use blue arrows on my DMC. This seems to keep him at home a litte more instead of being downfield attacking. I use them frequently on my MCs to help out the defense. I have no idea if it actually helps.
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    I have my 10 players with arrows xD well... just go to my team page and enjoy a menu of arrows :P
    yeah, I like to prove the game at 100%, the programmers, developers know that the players have hidden skills, and, I've comproved that, a player can be better in a specific place in the field, and, too with an arrow... I remember that some weeks ago i post something about that, I changed an arrow in blue in a MC and I won posesion, and more, because as I said I like to prove the game at 100%, so...
    that's a game, and it have a system to work and do the things

    maybe is difficult to appreciate how it work, you need patience, know your players, and know of programming, but, is posible to obtain the 100% of a player if you study this player and how it works. Is what I do and is very interesting (^-^)
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