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Thread: Help me urgently please

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    Help me urgently please

    Help me please
    today i have the 1st leg of the final of Champions league
    I will play with my oponent in his Home
    His grade is 20.5 and i am 19.7
    He will play 4 - 3 - 3 Flat
    What formation shall i play to make good result on this match and what orders should i make

    Please help me urgently as it is only hours to the match

    Thank u very much

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    finals are only 1 game, its actually a neutral ground

    play out wide, lets say V style
    set your CMs to blue so you can absorb some of their attacks
    hes just slightly stronger, but always set counter attack for all tactics

    go hard attacking, its do or die
    and yeah, GL
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    If he plays 4-3W-3 then counter with 4-4-2 Classic or 4-5-1 V-Style
    If he plays 4-3N-3 then counter with 4-1-4-1