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Thread: Narrow diamond vs Narrow diamond (4-1-2-1-2)

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    Narrow diamond vs Narrow diamond (4-1-2-1-2)

    Hello all,
    in order to test narrow diamond I've played with an opponent with narrow diamond formation and I lost again.
    It was a cup match. For the first match (home) I've played 4-1-3n-1-1 and lost 1-4 to narrow diamond (My team was +2 better in quality) For the second match (away) I've changed the formation to narrow diamond the opponent was also narrow diamond and I lost 2-1.
    here is the stats:
    My teams quality = average 43
    Opponents quality = average 38 or 39
    Match stats
    Possesion opponent=%46 my team=%54
    Total shots opponent=16 my team=12
    Shots on target opponent=9 my team=6
    Passes completed opponent=83 my team=80
    free kicks opponent=3 my team =1
    corners opponent=5 my team=2
    saves opponent=0 my team=3
    tacles opponent=19 my team=22
    fouls opponent=8 my team 14
    no red card
    no injury
    no opponent substitution

    my orders= attacking, through the middle, whole pitch, normal, short zonal
    I have one play maker in my team, he/she has one on one stopper as GK and free kick specialist
    no arrows in my team for the first half (1-0) and tried full red arrows in second half (2-1)

    I figured out that the opponent has not checked the counter attack, no hard tackling, don't know about others.
    All my players %90 or more moral and condition

    do you have any suggestion about what can I do better?
    thank you
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    I am level : 7 and I play against level 10 in cup match and I win against narrow diamond.

    my formations:

    whole pitch
    no offside

    ,but If you play ND.... try this. attacking, through the middle, own half, hard, short zonal

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    yesterday I lost to a team with 28 quality (my team was 40+). It was an away match. Other teams formations was 4-1-4-1. They got a red card at 20th minute. All my players was 5*. And I lost. Maybe overpower is not good

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    same... yesterday I lost a cup match 4-1 (away - first match).. I'm 57,4* and He's 54,2.
    I used 4-3(mc)-1(amc)-2
    couldn't understand that score :/
    the second match is tomorrow... any help??
    however, I believe its almost impossible to revert a 1-4 score

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    It's not easy to win against a similar strength opponent when u mirror his formation. It works if you play against a weaker team.

    A ND can be countered by using 3-1-4-2 or a 4-4-2 classic, normal mentality
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