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    I just wanted to post a possible counter formation while facing this more defensive version of a 433.

    He was a 29 vs my squad with a 39.7. I went 532 flat with a red arrow in my sweeper, two blue arrows on my two DC's. I also went man on man marking, while forcing the counter attack, normal tackling, defensive mentality, short passing, focus passing mixed while pressing my own half.

    He had maybe two chances to score while he was watching the match and switched after half to 4132. I left everyting the way it was. I was playing at home with a possesion of 60% vs his 40%.

    Just thought I put it out there, when facing weaker teams with this kinda formation.

    Thanks to all of you that are sharing your experiences.
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    next time you play this formation, use 3n-3n-2w-2 - attacking, down both flanks, mixed, offside trap, no counter, zonal, own half, hard tackling, with red arrows on AML/R and STs. Works everytime for me. just beat a guy that used this formation 1-0 away and 4-0 at home