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Thread: 3w-1-4-2

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    Exclamation 3w-1-4-2

    Any good advice how to beat 3W-1-4-2 formation?

    I see narrow diamond is good for it, what about mentality etc or what formation should i use?

    The match i play is the final of champion league!

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    As he has a narrow defence match him with the exception of wide defenders! play 3 at the back but use DL, DC, DR, with him having 3 DC theres room to exploit down the flanks.
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    sorry but he is playing 3W not 3N .. he is playing 3 defenders wide. So ur advise isnt that good .. he uses strong flanking power so u will have to attack through the middle. i would try to just force my way in with narrow diamond. 4-1-2-1-2 with attacking middle. Or maybe 4-5-1 flat .. but i could not work
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