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Thread: How to defeat this formation

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    How to defeat this formation

    Im going to have a match in Cup vs some guy with nice team (he has 29.6 stars and me 29.9)
    he is using this formation:

    How to defeat this formation-el.jpg

    and im going to use this one:

    How to defeat this formation-syu.jpg

    Mentality: Normal
    Attacks: Through the middle
    Pressing: Own Half
    Tackling: Normal
    Passing Style: Mixed
    Marking: Man-on-Man

    Yes Force Counterattacks
    Offside No

    i need suggestions please

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    i doubt he use that formation, it illegal. mean, he only get 20% ball posession, his goalkeeper is not in goal

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    I personaly would not play so narrow! you need a DL AND DR, play 3 at the back DL.DC,DR and the same at least 3/4 in midfield simular, ML,MC,MC,MR, you now can hit him on the flanks! either play 2 or 3 ST up front or 1 AMC and ST. I would play offsides but uncheck force counter attacks!, tackling normal or hard, marking Zonal the rest looks ok.
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    So what if the goalie was not an error, feel free to attack alone, this is my opinion sorry if not right attention you need.
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