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Thread: Help me please, Formation Not working well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guillaume Payeur View Post
    Okay, Ill try this, thanks for help,

    Also, I don't think my goalkeeper is my only strength, my striker has 19 years old ans is 5 stars, I have a DR that is almost 7 stars, but yeah, I agree that my squad is generally pretty poor, even do i'm easilly the strongest of my league, in therms of quality.

    Here's an uptade on my squad, this time I inclued ages.

    Attachment 20790

    Attachment 20791
    Now that looks alot better, I would change your players rating screen to show positional order from goalie upwards it makes it easier to read!. Put red arrows on ST ALL MIDFIELD AND THE DMC!, the defence you can try with blues or without any, Zonal marking, mixed passing,tackling normal or hard,pressing own half, focus passing mixed, team mentality normal or attacking, uncheck force counter attacks, tick play offsides.
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