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Thread: is this an illegal formation? and how to counter it

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    is this an illegal formation? and how to counter it

    how would you counter this?

    Will the nice 4-5-1 Vstyle work?

    is this an illegal formation? and how to counter it-bildschirmfoto-2014-03-20-um-18.52.01.jpg

    ps: Cat, I thought what I should write in the title regarding the formation, but I don't know what this formation is. Sorry

    edit: it doesn't seem to be an illegal formation
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    Yeah that's one worth calling weird.

    But it is legal, so wacky though.

    I'd be tempted to play my favorite formation and not worry about countering. Maybe someone else have better idea.....
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    I would also play what I am best at. Trying to counter strange formations aint worth the trouble.

    On a second thought with a 4-4-2 simple formation you will own the center and keep your def under control.
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