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Thread: Please help on how to win againts a 4-2-3W-1

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    Please help on how to win againts a 4-2-3W-1

    Hey guys, i have never faced a formation like this before and i need some ideas:

    I was thinking a 3N-2-2-2-1 Butterfly.. Mixed... Any Good?
    What formation should i use and tactics to go with
    Thanks in advance
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    you have missed one player's position at your example. I guess you talk about 4-1-3W-1-1 so to counter it you may try : 5-1(DMC)-2-2


    If his team is better, play def mentality with long balls and counterattacks. If yous is better, play attacking mentality with normal or mixed passing.
    Pressing on your own half, Focus passing through the middle, hard tackling on.
    Arrows? I would only place 3 arrows, one on DL, one on center DC and on DR.

    GL with your match

    Edit: Just noticed your title (4-2-3W-1), so you play with butterfly like you said, team tactics are same as suggested above. Only difference is passing through the flanks and maybe just one blue arrow on the center dc if you got no confidence in your defense line.
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