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Thread: What is good Formation?

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    What is good Formation?

    Good Afternoon Guys.

    I'm starting in the Top 11, I would like to know a good basic formation for my team.
    What you guys recommend?

    Thank You.

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    Welcome aboard bro.

    For starters you may go with 4-4-2 which lacks the attacking punch, but brings a nice defense and middle line on the table. This is a general purpose formation however it is consider a bit conservative by many.
    Then another simple formation is 3-5-2. You lose some defense in exchange for better middle control.

    Wait a minute! Its not working like this. You have to choose the formation, not the other way around.

    You need to examine your players. What positions do they cover? how many defenders you got, what is their quality, do you have a player with a nice special ability, etc.

    Check your roster, make a slight evaluation on who will play and who will stay on the bench. Now it is time to check forum at tutorials & guides section. There are some excellent formation guides that you should take into consideration and pick the one that fits your team the most.
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    But welcome hun and good luck

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    Hi bud and welcome to the most brilliant, annoying, fun, tear your xxxxxxg hair out game, and thats after the first couple of days!, can you put a picture up of your squad you where givern so we can help/advise you on your best formation!. We can all give different advice on this and that, 1 forward or two etc but it best to pick a team around the best players you have available right now.
    Some main things to remember is to keep your team healthy, train them and upgrade it if and when you can!, use substertutes during live games as this will get you bonus booster packs and come back regular( every day) to get your bonus tokens(35T ) season contract.
    Youth is best as there stamina during matches will last longer but while your finding your feet what you have will do. The main thing is when you choose a formation stick to it and build your team around it!, the more you try to change formations the more you will struggle in this game as just because you lost a match this time with one formation it does not mean you will lose the next match!, what you must understand is there are many factors that contribute to the outcomes of your games and so it is a case of learning if I do this, this happens, if I do that, that happens and so on, so good luck playing T11 we will help you as much as we can.
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    i think u shouldnt post ur squad here .. everyone will tell u how to play and in my opinion u need to get the feeling of the game urself in first seasons .. set ur squad for a 4-4-2 and normal mentality + counter attack .. and then start reading and thinking just remember abbut coupple of things:
    - watch the games if u can and always make at least 1 palyer switch during the game (watching the game gives u +8% ball posesion )
    - if u dont watch the games set automatic switches
    - set ur best players to make penalty kicks/free kicks and so on (remember its best to choose right foot on right side, left on left side)
    - at first it will be kinda hard but its awesome to try to have max players (11+7+4) and to have them cover each other so u always have a substitute for every position ur using ..
    - best players to buy at those with 4 stars and a 4 or 9 (for example 24, 39 - it means they need only 1 avarage skill more to go another star) if u dont wanna buy tokens first try to buy older dudes cause they are cheap .. ultimately u wanna buy 18 olds almost 6th star and as expensive as thay can get - the more cash dude cast the better he will train (he will get more training points)
    - always make ur formation legal !! there is a post in the formations and tactics about it .. its easy but if u make illegal formation u will loose ur ball posesion
    - if they play 1 striker use 3 defenders (most of the times)
    - if they use AMC u should use DMC
    - if they dont use DMC its awesome if u play with AMC urself
    - use counter attack only when playing normal/defensive
    - rarely use hard tackle - only if ur team has max morale opponent doesnt have strong free kickers
    - playing using center doesnt work that well in this game so either play mixed if u wanna go mostly by center or play both wings if opponent doesnt have strong wings
    - set ur ticket prizes so u always have max ppl on ur stadium (change the value by 1 each time u have max ppl to see how high u can set it - full stadium gives +5% ball posetion so its quite important)
    - focus on upgrading buildings that help ur players first
    - if u see ur opponents watch the game all the time its smart to add them to ur friends list - u will have high chance they will support u during ur games aswell (every helper gives additional +2% ball posesion)
    - always try to use players that are rested and full morale if possible, and they play in their prefered positions .. ur team gets +5% stamina every 3 hours so calculate how much u can train ur players so thay are rested during the game

    hope i helped a little those are some basic rules .. u have to experience everything urself and choose urself if u wanna use some of those advises or no
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