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Thread: Tricky counter

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    Tricky counter

    Hmm, I guess 4-4-2 and hope

    Tricky counter-weird_formation.jpg

    (actually, it's no bad thing, as I play this guy 3 hours after a pretty tough looking Cup match - it'd take a fair troll even for my reserves to lose this one)

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    I think the game engine will put players in position so he is not only with goalie.
    Still play your top 11 players

    I will try to beat you with 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow Diamond Formation

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    hmm very tricky and I hate these be very careful Pete he has a full team !!! don't underestimate him !!!! later in the season he may be a 3-0 walkover if he gets injuries and cards , so if you get it right you could improve your goal difference , get it wrong and you will be on the forum shouting and crying pmsl good luck with the game hun and your season !!!!

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    you are deluded if you think it is an easy ride
    he could had set his team to max bonus and hard tackles that may cause you bad injuries and playing with illegal formation for rest of the match .. not to mention game engine trolling .. most probably it will have an easy ride but can be a nightmare too
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    4-4-2, or maybe 3-5-2 for you because you havent told us about your team's quality, which I suppose is better than what we see in pic

    Its an abandoned team for sure, but like fellow managers above me suggested, dont underestimate it. Watch it live and play with attacking mentality just to beat his old players. Dont think you will face any resistance tbh, but still watch it and adopt formation accordingly.
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