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Thread: Your BEST Offensive Formation

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    Currently for this season and last, my best offensive formation is 3-5-2V which suits my existing players

    My best balanced formation is 4-5-1V & 4-2-2-2.
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    I prefer 4-2-3-1...
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    I use 3-4-3. in my opinion it's the mos offensive one

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    Thanks, it was just mainly an in general post question
    figured we see counters, thought it be nice to just see what everyone likes be the aggressor
    Making others counter lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Skidz View Post
    I dont think there is one overall best offensive formation!, there is guidelines but so many variables in the game contribute to different outcomes and in all honesty any formation can beat any other with the right circumstances!, everybody on here is going to tell you something different as they will relate to there personal experiences with there team!, the only common factors are.
    1 Having the quality in your team to compete with your opponent( there is always troll results so dont expect to beat lower quality opposition always).
    2, Stamina, keeping players morale and condition to maximum( 90% minimum).
    3 Dont train your team till after the game!
    4 Watch live games to gain possession bonus, use subs when players get booked to reduce red cards, and get a possible booster pack reward at the end of the game.
    5 check your match stats during the game to see where you can change your orders to try and change the outcome of the game.
    6, Be aware if your opponent is watching the game if he alters his formation and adjust yours if necessary.
    7 Keep tabs on plays stamina during live matches, and chamge if needed.

    The above are just some I can think of right of the bat but there are others so just use you common sense and you will be fine!, it is no goog playing with a team say Q21 and playing against a Q 35 and expecting to win as 9/10 times you will lose!, you have to be realistic in your aproach to each game.
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