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Thread: How to win against 3W-5N-2

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    Exclamation How to win against 3W-5N-2

    It's a cup game 2nd leg, I lost first leg 1:2 and must win this one! Starting in 2 hours.
    So, he's using this:

    I usually play like this and I'm having great results.
    Should I use it against him too?
    Looks like I could hold his midfielders and cut passes to the strikers, I would set mentality to
    normal and counter attack through the wings.. Tackling hard, own half only.
    What do you think?

    Or maybe I should move Gerrard to DMC, remove 1 striker and put in 1 more MC?
    It would be like dc,dc,dc - dml,dmc,dmr - mc,mc,mc - st
    This way I would totally control the midfield and hopefuly have succesfull wing attacks?
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