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Thread: Beaten By An Illegal Formation?

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    Beaten By An Illegal Formation?

    Here is what was used against me in a League match today, an apparent 2-2-3-3:
    Beaten By An Illegal Formation?-screen-shot-2014-06-09-5.47.50-pm.png

    I tried countering with a 3-2(DML/R)-3-2

    As soon as the match started, I immediately was given 80/20 possession, and no matter what I did, it was useless. We lost 2-nil and rarely troubled the opposing keeper. I even had two friends supporting, attended the match and he had no attendance bonus. Both of his DC's were rated 9 for the match and apparently, that was enough to shut us down.

    Afterward, I thought I might have done better with the 3-2-2-2-1 Butterfly, a 3-5-2 V or even a simple 4-3N-3.

    Any thoughts? It was the first time he used it, and since it was a League game, I'm expecting to see it again. Thanks!

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    If he's active, he'll learn very quickly not to use it again as this was just a fluke. What was your morale? condition? win bonus? Sometimes the game engine just kicks out absurd results though, you're not the first nor will be the last to fall victim to Nordeus Troll Engine.

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    Illegal formations suck from time to time. Unmanaged teams also nerve sometimes when their players get sent of or get injured and the match engine goes crazy.

    Such matches s*ck. I still get angry when I see something, but only a bit. Since I play with initial tokens (32T) plus moderate farming I take things more calmer than in the past. I is only a game.

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    Even with 20% possession a team can win. Just like in real football...
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    I agree jus like real football, many teams play with 20%possession, specially all where mourino is coach, barca and bayern always have 80% possession and dont win all n everything,lower possession does not mean losing a game....