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Thread: Counter 4-1-2W-1-2

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    Counter 4-1-2W-1-2

    Counter for 4-1-2W-1-2, please, I'm a veteran manager, no silliness please.

    This 4-1-2W-1-2 is not in the books, and I have yet to figure out the definitive counter, if there is one.
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    I would use either 4-1-3w-2 or 3w-1-4-2- 3w-4-3 or 4-3w-3 and use mixed passing style. through the middle, close down whole pitch, force counters, hard attacking. As he is playing a diamond in midfield he is leaving a huge gap in the center as he has no MCs so a formation with one or two players in the middle can exploit the whole!, having wide men yourself helps to combat his ML, MR, and if your concerned about his two STs and AMC then start with 3 STs yourself. Me personally would start with 3w-1-4-2 or 4-1-3W-2 then take off my DMC at half time and put on another ST in the middle.
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    4-5-1 V style

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    That is 4-4-2 wide diamond, i would say you could counter with 4-1-3w-2 or 4-1-3n-2

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    Best thing is play your own style i have learnt a lesson not to counter formations....i did that last season in the cup only to realise it was an illegal formation.....u should build your team around 2-3 players so that u can play formations suited to make them team is built around my 21 yr old aml/amc( youth player promoted 3 seasons ago) , my 19 yr old mc n my 28 yr old amr/mr
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