You seem to have good midfield , as far I can see.
If anything , I see two problem areas, Your defence is the weakest link. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and your defence being the weak link , is a pretty big issue actually.

You will lose less with good defence, win more with good midfield and attack.
Your defence is pretty poor, and your attack......Well , Wow, bit of overkill there mate........6 strikers???????

If I were in your position, I would chose 3 strikers to keep, for example to good strikers and 1 youth player. I generally like to train my own youth players opposing to buying youth from others to train.
4 strikers at tops at any given time though, as I also need reserves for defenders and midfield.

Your defence could use some re-inforcement. Preferably a defensive wall defender (DC) if you can afford , at the very least preferably , defenders just as strong as your midfielders.You should be able to get 2 good defenders at the expense of 3 strikers.

Personally if I would be losing, I would most likely go as far to selling 4 strikers. I use formations with 1 strikers, and also some strikers seem to thrive playing alone. (*I do use AMC though, preferably with shadow strike ability)

In my case, Playing with 1 striker , allowed me to enforce midfield ( for more possesion) and/or enforce my defence, to make it harder for opponents to score. Even with multiple strikers.

Having 3 strikers is the best long term solution though, bearing injuries at mind. And multiple matches on 1 day ....If you do well, next season , you have competition and league /cup match every cant hurt to have a back-up than.

Still though, based on your explanation and looking at your formation, I am pretty sure to believe that your problem lies, in lack of adjustment of the win bonus. Its pretty obvious that you are trying to play for a good result, looking at the build up of your team.

Playing friendlies helps find sore spots just like this, try to use friendlies to experiment with the various settings and compare the outcome. Especially pre-season