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Thread: How to beat this tactic?

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    How to beat this tactic?

    Any ideas?
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    4-4-2 classic. Red arrows on DL/DR and ML/MR. Blue arrows on both mc.

    For orders either:

    normal, down the flanks, own half, hard tackle, mixed passing, zonal, no counter, no offsides

    Attacking, down the flanks, whole pitch, hard tackle, short passing, zonal, no counter, no offsides.
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    5 (all red arrows) -3-1-1 style: extremely defensive, middle, zone, normal tackle, own half, short passing, zonal, no counter, no offside

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    Personally, I would compare individual player qualities first....

    If my oponent has better, I will make an tactic to oppose his.
    If mine is better, I will chose one that suits me best, and force my opponent to respond to that. I will NOT adapt to his tactics in this case.

    If his teamquality is better, I would chose for 3 defenders and 2 dmc, and 4 mc. and 1 str. I believe the key to possesion is a good midfield and at the very least a better mc than my oponent, He has only 2, so I would try to outnumber him on the midfield , counter his attack, by having more defence, and only take 1 striker. Betting on my midfielders and striker to score. While my defenders prevent his from doing so.

    If my teamquality is better, I would chose a set up suiting my best player at that time, ensuring midfield dominance and a good defending attitude. Most likely I would chose for a less defensive attitude then and go more on the offense to force my opponent towards trying to defend. ( Not too attacking though, as this would open up the possibility of my opponent scoring by counters.)

    Hope this is of any help for you. Goodluck and let us know how it went for you.