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Thread: Keep losing HOME games....why ?

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    Keep losing HOME games....why ?

    Over the last 2 seasons I've done better away than at home by far. Is there something that I am missing from my team set up for home games that means this is more likely. I am not changing the formation particularly or the team instructions. Is there a safe, solid, home set up (eg. just play "normal" instead of "attacking" with zonal marking or man-on-man ?

    Starting to annoy me now !

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    You definatly have to search this deeper.

    I would start by examinate the form your player perform in those games and then review the tactics and orders and the management during those games.

    There is no safe way to play and always win but the form factor is highly important in my opinion.

    I have an attacking team and I follow that mentality in home games win an oponent with normal quality, and had no losses so far.
    The important thing is make your team compact and play as a team, meaning that the orders you will give will be of that kind.

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    Well, it's trial and error. No quick fix.

    What mentality are you using in those home matches? Switch to "Normal" if you have set "Attacking". Are you leaking a lot of goals? Then "Normal" is the way to go.

    Sometimes a minor tweak makes a difference, like playing an AML/ML as a ML instead of AML, playing a lone striker instead of a pair. Even changing yr captain.
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    Sometimes it happens. (Had one run where couldn't win a home match in the first half of Season - 7 games).

    If you often use Attacking mentality then beware being counterattacked. Switching to Normal when you think this is happening is the way to go imo.