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Thread: How to beat 3N-1DMC-2MC-3(AML, AMC, AMR)-1ST

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    How to beat 3N-1DMC-2MC-3(AML, AMC, AMR)-1ST

    Hello guys, I've Been playing against better teams and even though I've got a good team, I've Been loosing like never before in the 20 levels I've played so dar, needless to say I'm frustrated,

    Tomorrow I play against another better team which in the first game I easupily won with 4-5-1V style, but now he's changed to a formation that I've never played against before, hope you can help me.

    He's playing with 3DC, 1 DMC, 2MC, AML, AMC, AMR, 1 ST

    I'm thinking that 4-5-1 V style can work, attacking from both flanks, pressing my own half and putting arrows to my AMR, AML, as he does'nt have wings (DL, DR)

    The flaws that I see, is that my ST will be helpless with 3DC's, and he's got 6 midfielders, and I've got 5...

    Please give me your thoughts.How to beat 3N-1DMC-2MC-3(AML, AMC, AMR)-1ST-image.jpg

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