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Thread: Counter for 4-1-3-2

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    Quote Originally Posted by prakhardeogirikar View Post
    I used Padrino's suggestion and started the match with 4-3n-2w-1. In just 2nd-3rd minute, i was 0-1 down. At half time i changed the formation to 3n-1-4-2 and managed to end the match with a draw.

    It's a semi final of CL and i have to somehow manage to win against an opponent who is 3-4 points ahead of me. This is so confusing!
    Raise the win bonus to max, change orders for more attack( Normal to Attacking or Hard Attacking, Own Half to Whole Pitch Pressing). I always do this when I lost at first leg. Good luck !

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    I used 3-2-2-2-1 butterfly and won against a superior team by 2-0.
    Used long passes, counter, down both flanks, offside trap.

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