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Thread: Help with formations!?

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    Question Help with formations!?

    I'm right now using 4-3-3 no MR/L and i need help with the tactics of it, i read a lot but i dont find a lot of informations about this formation.
    And i was thinking about a new formation to use 4-5-1 V Vorm any info about that one?

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    Here you go:

    4-5-1 V Style

    4-5-1 V-style is one of the most versatile formations. It can easily become defensive or offensive with the change of a few arrows. A great jack of all trades, but it's lack of defensive wingers can be exploited.

    When playing against 4-5-1 V, you need to protect your flanks and attack the opponent's. Forget about attacking the middle, it's that simple. Keep in mind that 4-5-1 V-style is most often played with counter-attacking orders, so you don't want to overdo your attacks. Use normal or defensive mentality and press your own half.

    As always, when playing against a midfield formation, you need to have at least as many midfielders as the opponent.

    Here's a few examples:


    This is 4-5-1 V-style's brother. It takes advantage of not using a DMC who won't be blocking an nonexistent AMC and vice verse. This translates into a more powerful midfield to feed passes to the forward players.


    Motivated 4-5-1 flat.

    While an unmotivated 4-5-1 flat would probably succumb to a 4-5-1 V-style, you can take advantage of that and make the opponent underestimate you. He'll probably realize that his flanks are under constant attack after a few goals.



    While you don't need more than 1 or 2 DC's against 4-5-1 V, you don't want to use an illegal formation. The extra DC acts as a sweeper, DML/DMR block the attacks from the flanks, and AML/AMR attack the soft flanks.


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