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Thread: Suggestions for Countering 3W-2-2(AML/AMR)-3

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    Suggestions for Countering 3W-2-2(AML/AMR)-3

    I am on the 2nd leg of a quarter-finals game in Champions League. I defeated him 2-0 in the first leg, where I was HOME. I don't want to take any chances in this next game, scheduled tomorrow pm.

    His formation is:
    Suggestions for Countering 3W-2-2(AML/AMR)-3-2016-04-22_194546-newball.jpg

    I haven't come across this formation from any of the guides in this forum.

    May I ask for suggestions on the best counter formation and possible tactics? He is 97.1% but my team is 114%. I am thinking of 4-1-2N-1-2, normal mentality, through the middle, mixed passing, counter attacks, whole pitch, hard tackling, and zonal marking, no offside.
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    Me personally, i would go

    3N - 2 (dml, dmr) - 2 (mc,mc) - 1(amc) - 2(st)

    Although with that said 4-1-2-1-2 may work.

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    The 3-2-2-1-2 with man-to-man marking would be an option if OP needed to contain his opponent and protect the lead, but he is ahead on Quality so 4-1-2-1-2 ('Narrow Diamond') with zonal marking and attack through the middle would be my choice in this situation.

    Beware of starting with whole pitch and hard tackling, both will drain condition and make you vulnerable to injury in the first instance and yellow cards in the second - as well as pi---, er, upsetting the Assistant Manager...
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    Any formation or tactics advice given is based purely on experience with my teams...