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Thread: Any idea about this strange 3-2-2-2-1 formations? Does it work?

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    Any idea about this strange 3-2-2-2-1 formations? Does it work?

    Hi Guys,
    I've tried hard to find answer to my questions within this forum, but unfornutely I wasn't succesful at all :-( Please, can you write down some opinions and sugestions about the formation on the first picture?
    Could it be effective? One of my next opponents plays it, I havent met this formation before.
    My opponents formation:

    I'll play against him soon and as you can see on the second picture I'm completely lacking DML/R and have just one DMC. In average points I'm slightly better than him, I've several choices of formations, can u help me decide the most suitable one?
    My team:

    Thanks a lot for ANY reply or suggestion.
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    Personally, I think DMs are very important, but you only have the 3* one. I would recommend 4-5-1 V, attacking him down his right and your left, which are the same, with only blue arrows on the DMC, but that's what makes me think twice.
    God Bless!

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    4-5-1 V is definitely my first choice, I've just need to be sure about that, so thank you for your advise. DM + DML + DMR are my next transfer priorities, I will buy them as soon as possible, but I must sell several players first and I'm also expecting youth players in few days. I needn't to play defensive so far this season, but no doubt, dificult matches will come. So thank you once again.

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    Your opponent's formation is weird because he fields all the highest quality players, he don't have other choice. You don't need DML/DMR to block his blah blah blah. What you need is to focus winning battle in midfield because the opponent's defence is weak, attack normal, his midfield is very strong compare to you.