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Thread: Need some advice and suggestion

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    Need some advice and suggestion

    Greetings all.. it is great to read some of the comments and information here as it is fun to read and provide insightful detail about the game we love

    I am hoping to gain some advice as i am losing games lately even though me and my opponents' strength are almost identical (in %) on paper,

    i think i am in a strong league this time around as at least 8 players (including me) have strength % of 85%-100%+ , while the rest also had between 69-80%, and against contenders of the league (those who are either slightly higher than mine in % or those equal with mine, i always lost marginally..

    additional info : i am 89-90% against those with 85 to 95%, i watch the game (while opponents didn't), i maximise players' morale , i gave winning bonus... i assume opponents did as well, and always losing in the last moment , all right..i was given detail like opponents have a better luck but can it be they are always lucky? LOL

    my formation previously was DL-DC-DC-DR / DMC / MC-MC/ AMC-AMR/ ST , i forget opponents formation but remember they apply 3 defenders and 2 strikers ... i set attacking mind and high pressing, and always click attack button while i was watching, unfortunately i have many possession and passing completed but just can't score more goals...

    so i hope to get some advice, see how others do things differently ... should i avoid giving order while watching the game ? and i remember there was once when i notice my main defender's condition was dropping to almost zero, so i substitute it with a weaker defender to hold out the last 10 minutes but i lost a goal in the last moment, maybe i shouldn't make change for a weaker defender even though my main defender's condition drop to zero ? will the player's condition have any effect towards the match?

    Thank you all in advance

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    Condition is more important than morale I would´t bother with "maximize players moral) just keep it in the green.Your players condition will affect the game.
    Attacking bonus Why do you keep clicking it were you getting a hint from the AM ?
    you are playing 451v what orders were you using?
    Are you just sticking with that formation & Attacking /high pressing or do you try counter formations ?
    Do you make formation changes & order changer during the game ?

    ps just a quick read of your post seems you have your team playing with very low condition?
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